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Cake Boss Chocolate Fudge Cake 24ct
Cake Boss Chocolate Fudge Cake Medium Roast


Medium Roast

Fresh, creamy taste and dark cocoa flavors combine to create a deep, delicious chocolaty fudge flavored coffee. Wow!
24ct: $15.95



Chocolate Fudge Cake Single-Cup Coffee

Cake Boss' Chocolate Fudge Cake coffee is creamy and decadent, just like chocolate fudge cake! This medium-roast, 100-percent-arabica blend is crafted with just enough chocolate to tantalize your taste buds yet not overwhelm your palate. It's sweet enough that you can enjoy it black without a bitter aftertaste, but it blends exceptionally well with cream, giving it a rich body and smooth taste.

When brewed, Chocolate Fudge Cake coffee fills your kitchen with an enticing aroma that's reminiscent of the bakery that inspired the Cake Boss line of coffees. Carlo's Bakery, home to chef and Cake Boss Buddy Valastro, is famous for its amazing customized cakes. Cake Boss coffees are meticulously crafted to complement Valastro's creations, and the Chocolate Fudge Cake variety is a perfect choice when you want all the flavor of a rich chocolate cake without the calories!