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Cake Boss Italian Rum Cake 96ct
Cake Boss Italian Rum Cake Medium Roast


Medium Roast

An irresistible flavored coffee inspired by the buttery sweetness and smooth rum syrup of Buddy's signature sponge cake.
96ct: $54.95



Italian Rum Cake K-Cup® Coffee

Reminiscent of the signature sponge cake of Buddy Valastro, Cake Boss' Italian Rum Cake coffee is subtle and indulgent. Mingling buttery sweetness with a rich and hearty rum flavor, coffee drinkers love the change of pace provided by Italian Rum Cake coffee.

Perfect as an afternoon pick-me-up, this medium-roast coffee is made with 100-percent-arabica beans and has a lovely aroma. Italian Rum Cake coffee is bright and lively, and the artificially flavored blend achieves the ideal balance of bitter and sweet.

You can pair Cake Boss Italian Rum Cake coffee with a variety of creamers for a rich treat. It's a great partner to berry-topped sponge cake or fruit-flavored parfaits. The blend is compatible with the Keurig® 2.0 and sold in packs of 24 cups.